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Posted by gmax on August 24 2007 16:13:41
Dear beloved teachers and students,

CTRM Aviation now promoting Aviator's camp to our young generation age
13-17 years. This program organized for our young generation to provide
them an exposure to Aviation Industries. This will help the participant
for their carrier selection in the future and the preparation required
on the early stage. The program shall be conducted for 3 days and 2
nights at CTRM Aviation facility in Batu Berendam Melaka. The program is
limited to 30 participants and they will be exposed to various functions
in aviation industries such as Aeronautical Engineers, Aircraft Design
Engineer, License Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Air Traffic Controller,
Pilot and etc. This program organized by the most experience personnel
in the aviation industries since that CTRM Aviation is the only
available organization that manufacture composite aircraft in Malaysia.
CTRM Aviation also involve in Design and Manufacturing of Airbus
component such as A320, A300, A380 and the A400M. The highlight of the
program, student will be exposed to real flying experience with two
seater Eagle 150B aircraft. The charges is RM850.00 per student and it
will included meal, accommodation, training course note, T-shirt, Cap,
Photograph and the most valuable is the experience of flying with
Malaysian Made Aircraft Eagle 150B and the exposure to Aviation


Naemy Fahimy
Head of Quality Department
CTRM Aviation Sdn Bhd

Tel :606-3170343
Fax: 606-3177213

STAR 1989-1993

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